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Hollywood Trash

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Hollywood Trash

It’s semi-official: JESSICA BIEL is pregnant. It’s only SEMI-official because the news comes from JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s former N’ SYNC bandmate JOEY FATONE. He says, “[Justin] told me a while ago.”

Cougaring is not a crime, according JENNIFER LOPEZ. She tells “Self” magazine, “Enough with the clichés about women. We can date younger guys. It’s no big deal. All the old clichés about women need to be undone . . . Men have been doing this for years, and it’s no big deal.”

“Sons of Anarchy” star CHARLIE HUNNAM doesn’t have to worry about any nude pictures of him leaking. He says, “I don’t use the cloud. I don’t trust it, so you won’t find any nude photos from me personally [out there].” But apparently, he’s been known to, “[take] off all my clothes to jump in a pool of water on a hike or something.”

A 26th woman has come forward to accuse BILL COSBY of sexual assault. This woman says Cosby drugged her, stripped her naked, and sucked on her toes at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. That’s recent enough that the statute of limitations has not run out . . . so Bill could conceivably be prosecuted for this one.

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD says BILL COSBY tried to kiss her when they toured together in the 1970s, but she said no, and he respected that. Kathie Lee says she never saw Bill exhibit the kind of behavior so many women are accusing him of, but she’s also not saying they’re lying.

The third and final movie in the “Hobbit” trilogy, “The Battle of the Five Armies”, is in theaters today. It’s already made $122 million overseas.

The Sony hackers have threatened violence at any theater that plays “The Interview”, and Seth Rogen and James Franco have canceled press appearances. Carmike Cinemas has chosen not to show the movie, but the Department of Homeland Security says it hasn’t found any evidence of a credible threat.

CRAIG WAYNE BOYD from Team Blake won “The Voice”.

Coca-Cola has cut ties with “American Idol”.

The “Walking Dead” spin-off series will be set in Los Angeles.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE was the most Googled celeb of 2014.

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