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Hollywood Trash

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Hollywood Trash

SUGE KNIGHT is a magnet for trouble . . . and now, he’s in some REAL hot water.  Suge has been arrested for murder in connection with a FATAL hit-and-run.  He is in jail in lieu of $2 million bail. Supposedly, it all started when Suge got into a fight on a movie set in Compton.  Then, there was another fight . . . and as Suge was trying to get away, the vehicle he was in slammed into two people, and ran over them.

JUSTIN BIEBER stopped by “Ellen” yesterday and explained why he’s doing the Comedy Central Roast. He said, quote, “I think it’s just cool to laugh at yourself. I’ve done some things that might not have been the greatest. I just want to be able to laugh about it and own up to some of the things.”

KANYE WEST says he’s a better human being because of KIM KARDASHIAN and their daughter. And that when he was acting out a few years ago, he was going through his OWN version of the “Terrible Twos” . . . because he didn’t have the words or resources to do what he wanted with film and clothing.

Snickers released their Super Bowl ad yesterday, and if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if STEVE BUSCEMI and DANNY TREJO from “Machete” were on “The Brady Bunch” . . . wonder no more. And it’s all about leaking ads early. Where’s the anticipation??!? has a SUPER extensive run down…

EDDIE MURPHY hasn’t been on “Saturday Night Live” since he left the show in 1984. But he just revealed he’ll be on the show’s 40th anniversary special, which airs on February 15th. As for why he didn’t come back sooner, he said, quote, “It’s just timing. It just never worked out where the timing was right for me to do it.”

TARA REID Tweeted LADY GAGA to ask her to be in “Sharknado 3″.

The “Game of Thrones” IMAX experience starts its one-week limited engagement at 200 theaters today. Your other options are KEVIN COSTNER’S child custody movie “Black or White”, the murder thriller “The Loft”, and a time travel movie called “Project Almanac”.

One man was killed and two others were injured yesterday when scaffolding collapsed on the set of MARTIN SCORSESE’s new movie “Silence” in Taiwan. All three victims were Taiwanese. The movie stars Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield, and Adam Driver.

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