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Get Hard
Will Ferrell stars as James King, an investment banker falsely convicted of fraud who’s sentenced to begin a ten-year stretch in San Quentin in a month’s time.  Thinking Darnell (Kevin Hart), the guy who washes his car, has been to prison simply because he’s black, he hires him to give him tips on how to survive on the inside. Inconsistent, immature and downright filthy at times, the film still manages to be worthwhile due to the chemistry between the two leads and what it has to say about race and the disparity between the haves and have-nots.  3 Stars (Chuck Koplinski) Rated R. 100 minutes. AMC, CAR, SAV.

It Follows
This low-budget, independent horror film follows the unfortunate Jay Height (a very good Maika Monroe) who, after a sexual encounter, is told that a creature will continue to follow her, changing its appearance each time, intent on killing her.  However, she can pass on this curse by being intimate with someone else. The premise here is solid and director David Robert Mitchell does a great job creating a sense of dread, using the ravaged Detroit metropolitan area to great effect.  However, an obtrusive score and story that doesn’t follow its own internal logic makes this a half-baked effort.  2 ½ Stars (Chuck Koplinski) Rated R. 100 minutes. AMC, CAR, SAV.

Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928)
Buster Keaton stars as the son of a rough-and-tumble boat captain who goes East for his education but comes back dandified and seemingly a stranger to his dad. However, a sense of pluck still resides under Bill’s fancy clothes which helps him a great deal when faced with saving his father’s company, winning the heart of the girl he loves (Marion Byron) and facing down a hurricane that threatens to kill them all.  Containing some of Keaton’s most iconic and imaginative gags, this is a prime example of the comic genius in his prime. Not to be missed, especially on the big screen.  4 Stars (Chuck Koplinski) Not Rated. 70 minutes. VIR.

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