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“To market, to market…
“To market, to market…

…to buy a fat pig,” says the late nineteeth-century nursery rhyme. Well, I did buy pork tenderloin Saturday at the Urbana Market at the Square, so I’ll deem it an appropriate (if silly) title for today’s blog entry.

Wow, Saturday was a wonderful day at the Market! The weather was beautiful, cheery crowds filled the lots on the corner of Illinois and Vine Streets all morning, and it was terrific to see that the number of vendors has really picked up since the beginning of the month.  While it’s still early in the season, every week brings more familiar faces AND fantastic foods, crafts, flowers, food trucks, etc.


How GORGEOUS are these tomatoes?

hanging baskets

Or these hanging baskets?!?!?

Between taking pictures and shopping like crazy, I was a blur. I always carry a big canvas bag (less of the plastic ones vendors use), and before I knew it the bag was full! This week I purchased:

Oatmeal bread from Homestead Bakery in Arthur
Pork tenderloin from Moore’s Family Farm
A dozen eggs from Triple S
Cherry butter from Plank’s
Basil Garlic Linguine (yes, fresh pasta!) from Pasta Alley
Kale and zucchini from Meyer Produce

I’ve already eaten most of it! Last night I had wonderful success with the tenderloin, which is all too easy to overcook if you’re not careful. I’ll blog about that later this week, and toss in another recipe or two. You know, while you can make terrific meals with all Market food, you can also buy a complete meal AT the Market:



I’ve gotta try that soon. You can also eat AT the Market; I’ve noticed more food trucks every year, as that trend explodes (and the Market itself expands). The Cracked truck is HUGELY popular:

cracked truck
Thanks again to Triple S Farms for providing a great gift certificate for on-air giveaway last Friday! I highly recommend checking out their booth – their products are certified organic, and you’ll find their food featured at many restaurants in our community.

Triple S
A blog can’t quite capture the spirit of a farmers’ market, so please – visit the Urbana Market at the Square every Saturday til November from 7-noon. Throughout the season I’ll feature different vendors and highlight everything I possibly can. It’s a joy to shop and socialize each week, and to share that joy with you. Hope to see you this Saturday!

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