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Roll out the barrel!!
Roll out the barrel!!

This Friday, you can win big during the noon hour! We’ll be giving away a rain barrel AND a compost bin, thanks to our friends at the Urbana Market at the Square!  This Saturday both will be on sale from 9-3 in the parking lot north of the City Building (across from Lincoln Square), with very limited quantities. These Free Garden products are typically between $100-150, but Saturday only they’re dramatically discounted.

This 55-gallon rain barrel, regularly $150, will be only $55 while supplies last!!

rain barrel

If you’re like me and your gutters feed a ton of rainwater into your yard (garage, driveway, flowerbeds, etc), this is a GREAT way to save it and then USE IT to water plants! According to Free Garden’s website: “Rain barrels allow homeowners to collect and store rainwater to be used at a later time. In doing so, homeowners use less water from the faucet, conserving both water and energy in the home as well as the energy needed for water facilities to treat the water that would have been consumed. Rain barrels save most homeowners about 1,300 gallons of water each summer, reducing the demand for clean water. Rainwater harvesting helps homeowners to reduce their water bills while conserving water and protecting the environment.” Read more HERE.

You can purchase a compost bin for only $45, regularly $100!!!

compost bin

Free Garden says, “a compost bin is a container, specifically designed and engineered for the collection and processing of organic materials into nutrient rich compost or humus…an excellent soil amendment providing much needed enrichment for your soil. A compost bin has features that enhance the decomposition process and help make your commitment to composting more efficient.” This bin is particularly great for keeping things neat, attractive, and convenient. It’s a great way to get rid of kitchen and yard waste, and to enrich your soil and gardens (chemical and fertilizer free). The bins are small enough to fit in the backseat of your car, too.

You can preorder a rain barrel or compost bin at ww.enviroworld.us/pre-order or WIN one tomorrow with Mix 94.5!! Remember that the sale is Saturday from 9-3, but only while limited supplies last! Call Scott at 384-2381 for more information.


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