Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan


market benches

Wednesday, August 27, 201408/27/2014

They’re So Crafty

There’s so much to say about the AMAZING food at Urbana’s Market at the Square, which offers up every color…

market cucumbers

Friday, August 22, 201408/22/2014

How Sweet It Is!

It’s going to be a busy weekend in Urbana! Keep in mind that if you’re planning to visit the Market…


Wednesday, August 20, 201408/20/2014

“Farming The Way His Grandmother Farmed…”

I’ve enjoyed¬†this summer at Urbana’s Market at the Square even more than other years, because I’ve taken the time to…

market sprouts

Thursday, August 14, 201408/14/2014

Fun is SPROUTING Up at the Market!

Sprouts at the Market is a free monthly program for kids ages 3-8, and it’s back¬†this Saturday from 9:30 –…

market cousins

Wednesday, August 13, 201408/13/2014

All in the Family

Pets aren’t allowed to visit Urbana’s Market at the Square…but you can pick up lots of goodies for them to…

market corn

Friday, August 8, 201408/08/2014

Cloudy With a Chance of Sweet Corn

If you can’t find what you’re looking for tomorrow at Urbana’s Market at the Square, you’re not looking hard enough!…

market wright butter

Wednesday, August 6, 201408/06/2014

Going to the Market? NATURALLY!

Before I forget, Mix 94.5 will be broadcasting live at Urbana’s Market at the Square this Saturday from 8-10! Look…

market jerry

Thursday, July 31, 201407/31/2014

Turn, Turn, Turn

We’ve turned another page on the calendar – August! This is THE time to shop at Urbana’s Market at the…

market table

Wednesday, July 30, 201407/30/2014

Happy National Farmer’s Market Week!

There are 8,100 Farmer’s Markets across the United States, and this week gives us a chance to celebrate our fabulous…

market green beans

Thursday, July 24, 201407/24/2014

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

It’s lucky week THIRTEEN at Urbana’s Market at the Square!!! I can’t believe that July is nearly over – it’ll…