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Life Grows On
Life Grows On

I chose the picture of that woman gardening because she sort of looks like me, which made me laugh a little…and I haven’t laughed much the past two weeks so I’ll take at least a smile. I abandoned this blog and the Market at the Square, work and pretty much everything else when my dad suddenly passed away on June 5th. I won’t burden you with the details except to say that it was very unexpected and shocking. I believe the loss of someone close always is, and as an only child with a mother who’s been ill for a long time, the mess I then had to sift through was pretty overwhelming. I’m back at work now, thankfully, and mostly happy to have my regular routine in place…

…and that’s what I wanted to share on my first day back online. After two weeks of disregard and only occasional watering by others, I dared venture out to my garden early this morning. It didn’t look TERRIBLE, just very lonely and neglected. I watered, pulled weeds, pruned…and it felt great. It was terrific to be outside all alone in the cool air, barefoot in the soil and (really overgrown) grass. I find such peace and fulfillment working in the garden…which is good since I have TONS to do. My rain barrel is full. My compost bin (purchased at the Market) is in desperate need of attention. While I find some routines exhausting or even annoying in the shadow of my father’s death, working in my garden is not one of them. Being outside is really healing! If you’ve always wanted to try a garden but never have, throw a tomato plant in a pot and start there! There’s something really great about the process. Except for weeding – there is NOTHING good about that.

I’m super excited to get back to the Market early this Saturday!. I’d recommend going not long after it opens at 7am, since we’re expecting pretty hot weather. My fridge is void of healthy foods and my diet has been terrible – there’s nothing like fresh fruits, veggies, breads, etc to get you back on track, though. I’ll blog again Friday and highlight the goings-on this Saturday at the corner of Illinois and Vine Streets in Urbana, where the Market is held every Saturday (rain or shine) from 7-noon.  Hope to see you there!

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