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The Farmer and Michelle
The Farmer and Michelle

Greetings! Saturday, May 4 is Opening Day at the URBANA MARKET AT THE SQUARE. As a huge fan and enthusiastic foodie, I have been counting the days…and this year, the Market is going to be extra special for me (and YOU, I hope!).

You might remember our adventures back in 2010 when for three weeks, I ate ONLY foods purchased at our wonderful market. I was given $100 a week and free reign – and it was a piece of cake. I could barely eat everything I’d purchased and usually had money left over. Everything was natural, whole, and incredibly fresh, and even though I ate all the time I didn’t gain a pound. It was incredible. Yes, I did do a lot of cooking AND dish washing, but I’ve never had so much fun with food. Being part of this exciting local event every week was a blast, too.

The Farmer and Michelle is BACK, bigger AND better. Mix 94.5 is proud to partner with the Urbana Market at the Square for the entire 2013 season! Not only will I shop every week, but I’ll share pictures, videos, interviews, recipes – the sky’s the limit here. Mix will broadcast during key events at the Market, too! The Market at the Square is one of the most remarkable and well-loved institutions in our community (since 1979!), with passionate and loyal patrons. If you’ve never been, stop by the corner of Illinois and Vine every Saturday til November. Over 150 producers FROM ILLINOIS ONLY will be selling their wares from 7-12, rain or shine.

Unlike 2010, I won’t be required to eat only Market/local foods…but I’ll probably want to! You will too, once you’ve been to the Urbana Market at the Square. See you tomorrow!

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