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A nutty adventure
A nutty adventure

Saturday was a wonderful day to visit the Urbana Market at the Square – especially if you arrived early to try to beat the heat/humidity. Long before the crazy rains passed through and knocked the C/U temps down 20 degrees, my huge canvas bag and I marched down the (now full) aisles of the Market. It was pretty humid at 8ish, but no one seemed to mind a bit. Heck, you could cool down with a treat from the Sidney Dairy Barn’s truck and feel better right away.

One of my first stops is featured in the photo above – I met the very nice folks from C.K. Roasted Almonds in Rantoul. Their booth featured roasted almonds, pecans, cashews, nut mixes, and juicy bears – yummy homemade gummy bears! After a sample, I had to have the almonds…which I confess I ate in their entirety at one sitting. The juicy bears were super FRESH and much more flavorful than the ones you’d buy at the grocery store.

I really bought a ton of stuff Saturday, after missing a couple weeks. My goal this season is to not only buy my favorites, but to try new items every single visit. My #1 purchase this week: the English muffin BREAD from Uppper Crust (Champaign). WOW. It comes in a loaf, but thinly sliced and toasted (with butter) it’s outrageously good. Huge recommendation!

I also grabbed some beef liver cat treats from High 5 Pet Treats from Newman. Their website says they “offer treats that are nutritious, wholesome (fresh foods, no preservatives, many organic ingredients), and taste great to your pet.”
They are laboratory-tested…read more about it here. My cats are super picky and don’t really care for most treats (very weird creatures, apparently), but they dug these once I took them out of the fridge and let them get to room temperature.

Other Saturday purchases:

NITRATE FREE BACON (best bacon ever…) – Triple S Farms

HEN EGGS (next week I’m trying DUCK eggs) – Moore Family Farms


ZUCCHINI – Blue Moon Farm (Certified Organic vegetable farm w/more than 40 different crops)

CHEVRE FRAIS GOAT CHEESE – Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery (their 70-goat herd is certified “Animal Welfare Approved” and they are located less than five miles from the Market)

GLUTEN-FREE 3-BERRY BREAD – Earthly Pleasures (call 815-302-7921 to place special gluten-free orders)

ONION (pictured below) – Brackett Farm (“famous”for rhubarb, small fruits, cherry/salad tomatoes, sweet onions, apples and pears)




Sadly, I didn’t get to the one thing people were most excited about – the PEACHES. Yes, they were there and looked absolutely gorgeous, but I was in a hurry to get to work and couldn’t wait in line. Again, it’s smartest to get to the Market EARLY (someday I’ll follow my own advice) for the best things.

The Urbana Market at the Square is open rain or shine, every Saturday from 7-noon. Sign up for the weekly Market Mail HERE.



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