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Why are you running?
Why are you running?

Sarah here… I shared something very personal on the air this morning: It was one year ago yesterday that my mom suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. My sisters and I were taking care of her final arrangements during Illinois Marathon weekend and my husband Chris was running in the 10K. Before the race he called me to say that he was running for me and my sisters but he was finishing for my mom.That sentiment has stayed with me for this past year and I think of it often. My husband is my rock and my family is my world. At some point I thought I would train to run(/walk) the half marathon at this year’s race. I won’t be fast, it won’t be pretty… but I’m going to run as much as I can, walk as much as I need and I’m going to do it for my mom. Crossing the finish line, though… I’m doing that for my boys: Chris, Gavin and Logan.

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