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Thursday, June 19, 201406/19/2014

Summer starts Saturday!

So, what will YOU be grilling? We talked about those non-traditional things you’ve put on the grill, like fruit.


Wednesday, June 18, 201406/18/2014

Wedding Week

From yesterday’s “2 O’Clock Tweet”: What’s the dumbest/craziest/weirdest thing you’ve seen at a wedding?


Tuesday, June 17, 201406/17/2014

Pet Disasters

From yesterday’s 2 o’clock Tweet: According to the Daily Mail your dog does $392 worth of damage to your stuff every…


Monday, June 16, 201406/16/2014

Random Act of Kindness

Sarah found this on the Coke machine this morning: $1 and a note that said, “Your next pop is free.…


Friday, June 13, 201406/13/2014

Not as young as you used to be…

71-year-old HARRISON FORD suffered an injury on the set of “Star Wars”. Word has it that he broke his ankle…


Thursday, June 12, 201406/12/2014

Dad skills

Channing Tatum has some mad skills when it comes to changing a diaper. He says, “I’m solid at changing a diaper…


Wednesday, June 11, 201406/11/2014

Weird Topic Wednesday

“Thought Catalog” recently too the time to speak to 24 garbage collectors about the funkiest items they’ve ever found in…


Tuesday, June 10, 201406/10/2014


Sarah recently found a stack of unsent thank you notes from a baby shower thrown for her when she was…


Friday, June 6, 201406/06/2014

Missing TV peeps…

Justin Timberlake tweeted yesterday, “Question: Does anyone else legitimately miss Walter White and Jesse Pinkman? It can’t just be me, right?”…


Thursday, June 5, 201406/05/2014

Email Fix

A listener writes us, “How do you go on living after losing a child?” Her son was only 13 when he…

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