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Eating at restaurants…
Eating at restaurants…

So, every Monday at 11:45 am I weigh-in with Melissa, RD at the Mettler Center. The process of our weigh-in meetings is that I jump on the scale and we go over my food diary. For the past 2 weeks, the scale has reflected an increase of about 2 lbs. However, when I weighed later in the week, I was down 5.2 lbs. So, my thought… my HOPE is that when I re-weigh on Wednesday I’ll be down another couple of pounds.

When it comes to my food log, this weekend was kind of “bad”… not in regards to WHAT or HOW MUCH I ate, but how much SODIUM was in it. My hubby and I ate out on Sunday night, and no matter how healthy you try to eat when you are at a restaurant, most of the entrees are loaded with sodium. That being said, I was up 2 lbs. on my weigh-in and Melissa said that is most likely due to the sodium.

HOWEVER, upon looking further into my food log, she noticed one of my moments of weakness: I went to a drive-thru. I tried to order something somewhat healthy, and without completely calling out one chain I ordered a “bowl” with grilled chicken, black beans, rice, tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce and dressing. And chips and side of guacamole. I will admit it: CONVENIENCE IS MY KRYPTONITE! I love drive-thru ANYTHING, especially if I have my kids in the van with me. If I don’t have to get out of my vehicle with the boys in tow, Sarah is a happy mama. And wrangling a 6-year-old and an almost-3-year-old isn’t easy and moods can quickly turn cranky, and no one wants a cranky, angry mama. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. (And yes… that was 2 different comic book references in one paragraph.) But I realize that convenience isn’t always healthy, even if you try to order it the right way. So, as of yesterday, Melissa has banned me from drive-thrus. (Subway and Starbucks-for coffee and tea-are still ok. Seriously. Do NOT take away my coffee.)

Let me share with you her last email to me, and maybe you will find it helpful when dining out:
Try- Cactus Grill tofu burrito bowl or you can always get their chicken. Remember the high calorie things are shell, sour cream, and rice is pretty “carbolicious”!
When eating at Mexican restaurants – Chicken salads with fajita vegetables on it… ask the servers to prepare veggies with lime juice…
Minecci’s (or Italian dining) – choose the chicken marsala and or the pork chops… have them go easy on the oil.
Ming Garden (or other Asian restaurants) – SAUCE on the side… no noodles and skip the rice….
Black Dog- Pulled pork is okay! Order sandwich toss the bun and get the sweet potato… skip the beans go for the coleslaw. Try to only use a little butter on sweet potato… not the brown sugar goodness mixture.
Merry Ann’s diner… order food SEPARATED. Omelettes are bad news… even breakfast scrambles with veggies tend to be higher in calories… try to go simple… eggs/wheat toast/ fruit.

NO more drive throughs! FAST FOOD IS OFF LIMITS.

So, there it is… no one said eating healthy was easy, but everyone says it’s worth it. The good news is, regardless of what the scale says right now, I feel better… I think I look better… I fit into my clothes better… and I’m not hungry all the time and I really enjoy what I eat!

Have a great Tuesday!

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