Jonathan Drake

Jonathan Drake

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Palatine, Illinois native Jonathan Drake has accompanied Champaign-Urbana radio listeners from the workplace through traffic for well over a decade, after working around the Midwest with stops in exotic locales like Joliet, Bloomington and that hub of social activity, Des Moines, Iowa. This Illinois State University grad claims he was drawn to a radio career (after flunking out of just about everything else) mostly because of the free concert tickets and the form-fitting uniforms he gets to wear that nobody ever sees, because, hey, it’s radio. A regular at El Toro (they all know his order by heart) Jonathan likes to spend time with the most important people in his life – his wife Laura, his two boys, Stephen Colbert, and the guy at El Toro who makes that awesome Burrito Loco (not a paid advertisement).

Spend some of your workday with Jonathan, and check out his Kill-A-Half-Hour Question every afternoon at 3:50pm.  Check out the Kill-A-Half-Hour Archive.

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