Kill A Half-Hour Question

Kill A Half-Hour Question

Take a break from your workday with Jonathan Drake’s “Kill-A-Half-Hour Question” presented by Rosati’s Pizza!  It happens afternoons at 3:50pm.  Be the first on the phone with the correct answer and win at $20 gift card from Rosati’s Pizza!  If you ever miss an answer, look ‘em up below:

2015 Kill-A-Half Hour Questions & Answers:

Wednesday 4/15/15
Almost HALF of men surveyed said they have done THIS completely by accident. What are we talking about?
Clues: “Romantic” and “3 Little Words”
Answer: Said “I love you” to someone.

Tuesday 4/14/15
For the average woman, THIS will occur about 15 or 20 times before she gets married. What is it?
Clues: “Intimate.” and “Lips.”
Answer: She’ll kiss a guy -19 times on average.

Monday 4/13/15
About 1 in 6 women say they demand that the man in their life does THIS. What is it?
Clues: “Upkeep.” and “Tweezers.”
Answer: Pluck his eyebrows.

Friday 4/10/15
About 8 in 10 people admit they’re “faking it” when they do THIS up to 3 times a year. Faking what?
Clues: Identification … and … Pen
Answer: Someone else’s signature – forgery!

Thursday 4/9/15
According to a new survey, about HALF of guys believe just having THIS automatically makes them more attractive. What?
Clues: Electronic … and … Hand-held
Answer: A Smartphone.

Wednesday 4/8/15
Roughly 1 in 20 of us have saved one of THESE from a past relationship. What is it?
Clue: “Celebration” … and … “Wine bottle”
Answer: A cork.

Tuesday 4/7/15
About 8 out of 10 women surveyed said THIS would be the #1 piece of advice they would give to a male co-worker today. What is it?
Clue: “Clothing choice” … and … “Undergarment”
Answer: Wear an undershirt.

Friday 4/3/15
The largest one of THESE ever seen on Earth was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant. People first saw just 4 years ago. What was it?
Clues: “Chocolate” … and … “Easter”
Answer: The largest chocolate EGG ever made – in Italy in 2011.

Thursday 4/2/15
The most expensive one of THESE will cost you under $1,000. JUST UNDER $1,000. What is it?
Clues: “Program” … and … “iPhone”
Answer: An iPhone app – “I Am Rich” app costs $999.99!

Wednesday 4/1/15
If you work THIS JOB, don’t be surprised if you earn an avaerage of $13 an hour or more. Name the job?
Clues: “Care” … and … “Kids”
Answer: Babysitter.

Tuesday 3/31/15
Of all the people who tried THIS within the last year, about 1 in 7 succeeded. What are we talking about?
Clues: “Diet” … and … “No meat”
Answer: Becoming a vegetarian.

Monday 3/30/15
In a recent study, just over half of working adults said they wished their employer would make WHAT workplace upgrade?
Clues: “Beverage” … and … “Hot”
Answer: The coffee.

Friday 3/27/15
For a guy, the average number is, at minimum, 10. For the average woman, 5. What are we talking about?
Clues: “Aparrel” … and “Head”
Answer: Hats.

Thursday 3/26/15
About 1/3 of potential home buyers, passed on buying a house after they discovered it had THIS. What?
Clues: “Mailbox” … and “Superstition”
Answer: The number 13 in the address.

Wednesday 3/25/15
Roughly 14,000 of THESE will be shown on TV this year alone. What are we talking about?
Clues: “Categories” … and “Alex Trebek”
Answer: Answers on ‘Jeopardy.’

Tuesday 3/24/15
If you’re the owner of THIS, you probably use it twice a week, on average. What is it?
Clues: “Numbers” … and “Dial Tone”
Answer: A landline phone.

Monday 3/23/15
In a recent survey revealed that THIS is the number-one thing people are scared of in their own homes. What?
Clues: “Kitchen” … and “Sink”
Answer: Their garbage disposal.
(Congrats to our on-air winner, Sarah from Oakwood!)

Friday 3/20/15
Experts predict that the world may see its first one of THESE in about 20 years. First what?
Clues: “Money” … and “12 zeroes”
Answer: Trillionaire.
(Congrats to our winner, Rob from Monticello!)

Thursday 3/19/15
Almost 1 in 5 people in the workforce admit they have quit a job for THIS personal reason. What is it?
Clues: “Advice” … and “Parent”
Answer: Their mom told them to.
(Congrats to our winner, Nick from Argenta.)

Wednesday 3/18/15
About 1 out of 50 children born in 2015 will goe their entire life without ever having one of THESE.
What is it?
Clues: “Identity” … and “Only when you’re in trouble”
Answer: A middle name.

Tuesday 3/17/15
Though most of us think we’d be “set for life” if we had THIS, a recent estimate by WalletHub
valued that average one at less than $1.3 million. What are we talking about?
Clues: “Leprechaun” and “Rainbow”
Answer: A leprechaun’s fictional “pot of gold.”

Monday 3/16/15
A recent survey showed this is the SECOND biggest pet peeve people have when they are at the
gym. What is it?
Clues: “Awkward” … and “Undressed”
Answer: Naked people talking to them in the locker room.

Friday 3/13/15
About 1/3 of school kids when to class today with THIS hand-held item in their backpacks. What?
Clues: “Hands” … and … “Anti-bacterial”
Answer: Hand sanitizer.

Thursday 3/12/15
About 1 in 5 adults say they do THIS in order to look smarter to others. What?
Clues: “Volumes” … and … “Bookshelf”
Answer: Display books at their home or office.
(Congrats to our winner, Santosh from Urbana.)

Wednesday 3/11/15
A recent study has revealed that an overworked brain, may result in WHAT?
Clues: “Mouth” … and … “Binge”
Answer: Overeating.
(Congrats to the winner, amanda from Champaign!)

Tuesday 3/10/15
Even though this is a requirement, almost a THIRD of us say we simply don’t do it. What are we talking about?
Clues: “Travel” … and “Phone”
Answer: Turn off the phone or switch to airplane mode when flying.
(Congrats to our winner, Sue from Bement!)

Monday 3/9/15
Nearly 4 in 10 members of the workforce say they do THIS every day at work. Do what?
Clues: “Appearance” and “Informal”
Answer: Dress casually.
(Congrats to Cynthia from Rantoul who was first with the correct answer!)


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